Hecl Java ME MIDP2.0 Commands

lcdui.alert — Pops up an alert
lcdui.canvas — Creates a canvas
lcdui.choicegroup — Creates a group of potential choices that can be added to a form.
lcdui.command — Creates a command that can be attached to a screen
lcdui.date — Date/Time widget for lcdui forms
$eventcmd — Command/object describing a Canvas event.
lcdui.font — Font information and manipulation command.
lcdui.form — Creates a form that can contain various widgets
lcdui.gauge — Creates a gauge widget that can be attached to a form.
lcdui.image — Creates an image.
lcdui.imageitem — An item that can contain an image, in order to attach it to a form.
lcdui.list — Creates a full-screen list
lcdui.settings — Returns or sets information about the graphical environment.
lcdui.spacer — Creates a spacer element in a form.
lcdui.stringitem — Creates a string item that can be added to a form.
lcdui.textbox — Creates a text box for editing larger blocks of text.
lcdui.textfield — Creates a small text editing widget that can be attached to a form.
lcdui.ticker — Creates a ticker that scrolls horizontally.
lcdui item options — common options for lcdui.choicegroup, lcdui.date, lcdui.gauge, lcdui.imageitem, lcdui.spacer, and lcdui.stringitem
midlet.exit — Exit from the Midetl
midlet.pause — Pause the current midlet
midlet.resume — Resume execution of the current midlet
midlet.onpause — Hook to call when midlet execution is paused
midlet.onresume — Hook to call when midlet execution is resumed
midlet.checkpermissions — Query permission information
midlet.getappproperty — Get application properties
midlet.platformrequest — Perform platform-specific actions
midlet.resourceasstring — Get a resource file as a string
midlet.flashbacklight — Flash the device's backlight
midlet.vibrate — Vibrate the device

The MIDP 2.0 commands in Hecl are more complete and more advanced than the 1.0 commands, and should be used if possible. This is a fairly complete list of which devices are MIDP2.0 capable: http://devices.j2mepolish.org/interactivedb/searchdevices.faces

To fully understand these commands, a perusal of the documentation here is likely a good idea: http://java.sun.com/javame/reference/apis/jsr118/ In particular, look at the lcdui package.

This code was originally written and contributed to Hecl by Wolfgang Kechel. Thanks!