lcdui.choicegroup — Creates a group of potential choices that can be added to a form.


lcdui.choicegroup [ -label label] [ -type exclusive | multiple | popup ] [ -fit default | on | off ]

$choicegroupcmd [cget -optname ] [configure -optname optval ] [ append text [image] ] [delete itemnum ] [deleteall] [ insert position text [image] ] [itemcget itemnum -option ] [itemconfigure itemnum -option value ] [selection clear [index] | index | get | gettext | set index ] [size]


Choicegroups also utilize the common "item" options, described here: lcdui item options


The lcdui.choicegroup command creates a "ChoiceGroup" widget that can be added to a form. A ChoiceGroup is a list of options that can be selected. ChoiceGroups come in three forms: radio buttons (the exclusive type), where only one at a time may be selected, check boxes (the multiple type), or as a popup. (check boxes). For an in-depth look at the Java code that this command is based on, see: javax.microedition.lcdui.ChoiceGroup

The options describing the choicegroup are as follows:

  • -label: Labels the choicegroup with the supplied text.

  • -type: Determines the type of the chiocegroup, which can be one of multiple (check boxes), exclusive (radio buttons), or a popup

  • -fit: Specifies the type of word-wrapping desired. default means that the application has no preferences and that the default can be used. The on option means that text wrapping should be performed to fit long lines. The off option means that text wrapping should not be performed and that long lines will be truncated, and there should be some indication of this truncation such as an ellipsis.

The lcdui.choicegroup command returns an object that is itself a command, and can be called with several subcommands:

  • append: Appends the given text to the choicegroup as one of the possible selections. Optionally, an image (as generated by lcdui.image may also be specified.

  • delete: Deletes the item specified by itemnum

  • deleteall: Deletes all items in the given choicegroup.

  • insert: Inserts the given text, and optional image at position

  • itemcget: Given an item and an -option, which can be one of -font, -text, -image, -selected, returns the requested information, with -selected returning 1 if the item is selected, 0 if it isn't.

  • itemconfigure: Instead of returning information about the options listed above, sets the specified option for the given item.

  • selection: Used with a subcommand of its own, which can be one of:

    • get: Returns a list of integers indicating which elements are selected.

    • gettext: Returns the text of the selected element.

    • set: Selects the specified item.

    • clear: Clears the selection from the given item, or, if no itemnum is given, clears all selected items.

  • size: Returns the number of elements in the choicegroup.


set choicegroup [lcdui.choicegroup -label "60ies bands"]
$choicegroup append "Beatles"
$choicegroup append "Beach Boys"
$choicegroup append "Rolling Stones"
set form [lcdui.form -title "ChoiceGroup example form"]
$form append "Pick one:"
$form append $choicegroup
$form setcurrent

Live example: