lcdui.alert — Pops up an alert


lcdui.alert [-title title] [-ticker tickerwidget] [-commandaction commandActionProc] [-type info | warning | error | alarm | confirmation ] [-text text] [-timeout milliseconds | forever ] [-indicator 1 | 0 ]

$alertcmd setcurrent [cget -optname ] [configure -optname optval ]


The lcdui.alert command creates an alert to let the user know that something unusual has happened, or to ask for confirmation. The object returned from lcdui.alert is itself a command, that can be called with a subcommand setcurrent to make the alert the currently displayed item. For an in-depth look at the Java code that this command is based on, see: javax.microedition.lcdui.Alert


[lcdui.alert -title "Reactor core meltdown" -text \
    "You went and pressed the red button, didn't you!" \
    -timeout forever] setcurrent

Live example: