Hecl Extension Commands

File Interaction

These commands are available in various Hecl extensions, that may or may not be available in different environments.

File Interaction

filefinder — File selection widget.
open — Opens a file for reading or writing.
source — Evaluate Hecl script in a file.
file.basename — Returns the file name with no paths.
file.cd — Change working directory.
file.current — Returns the name of the file currently being evaluated.
file.delete — Delete the file.
file.devs — List available devices.
file.du — "Disk" usage.
file.exists — Does the file exist?
file.hidden — Is the file hidden?
file.isdirectory — Is this a directory?
file.isopen — Is the file currently in use?
file.join — Creates a filename from a list.
file.list — List files in a directory.
file.mkdir — Creates the directory.
file.mtime — Returns the file modification time.
file.readable — Is the file readable?
file.rename — Rename a file.
file.size — Returns the file's size.
file.split — Return a list of a path's components.
file.truncate — Truncates the file.
file.writable — Is the file writable?

J2ME systems do not always have a file system, so these are not necessarily available. It is possible to compile Hecl with or without these commands.


The filefinder command is a bit different from the others, in that it is a graphical widget that is used to select files, rather than a command that only interacts with the filesystem.