kxml.create — Returns the kxml parser object.
kxml.gettext — Returns the text content of the current event as a string.
kxml.input — Sets a input stream the kxml-parser is going to process.
kxml.nexttag — Call kxml.next and return event if it is START_TAG or END_TAG otherwise throw an exception.
kxml.next — Get next parsing event.
kxml.requirestart — Test if the current event is START_TAG type and do match the given name.
kxml.requireend — Test if the current event is END_TAG type and do match the given name.
kxml.attrcount — Returns the number of attributes of the current start tag.
kxml.attrvalue — Returns the given attributes value.
kxml.getname — For START_TAG or END_TAG events, the name of the current element is returned.

The K-XML extension provides the kXML 2 parser functionality for hecl. kXML 2 implements the XmlPull API. Please find general information about XmlPull parsers including the interface documentation at xmlpull.org.


Kxml is not compiled into the default build, so you have to change the kxml property from 0 to 1 in the cldc11midp20.properties file and recompile Hecl.