Hecl J2ME MIDP1.0 Commands

alert — Creates an alert
choicegroup — Displays a choicegroup in the current form
cmd — Adds a command to a form/listbox/textbox
datefield — Displays an datefield in the current form
exit — Exits the application
form — Creates a form
gauge — Displays an gauge in the current form
getindex — Fetches a reference to the N'th element in a given form/listbox
getprop — Fetches the value of a given property from a widget
listbox — Creates a listbox
noscreen — Runs without a current screen widget
screenappend — Appends an item to a form or listbox
setcurrent — Displays an alert/form/listbox/textbox
setindex — Sets the indexth element in a form/listbox to specified item
setprop — Sets a given property of a widget
string — Adds a string to the current form.
stringitem — Displays a stringitem in the current form
textbox — Creates a textbox
textfield — Displays a textfield in the current form

Hecl has different GUI commands for the MIDP1.0 (older phones) and MIDP2.0 (newer). We are in the process of documenting the MIDP2.0 commands.

Commands available in the J2ME MIDP1.0 version of Hecl to interact with the phone. Look in the midp10/examples directory for examples of these commands and widgets in use.