Hecl Commands

= != — Integer equality
+ - * / — Basic math commands.
abs acos acos asin asin atan atan cbrt ceil cos cosh cosh exp expm1 floor hypot log log10 log1p pow random round signum sin sinh sqrt tan tanh tanh — Floating point math commands
after — Sleep / delayed script evaluation
and — Logical and
append — Append text to a variable.
break — Break out of a loop.
bgerror — Called for background task errors.
catch — Evaluates a script, catching any errors.
classof — Returns the name of the internal class of a Hecl Thing.
clock — Provides time utilities
continue — Skip to next cycle of a loop
copy — Copy a Hecl value.
double — Cast as a double
eq — Tests string equivalence.
eval — Evaluate Hecl code.
exit — Exit the current process
false — Return false
filter — Filter a list.
float — Cast as a float
for — For loop.
foreach — Iterate over elements in a list.
global — Use global variable from within a proc.
hasclass — An interface to Class.forName
hash — Create and manipulate hash tables.
if — Conditionally execute code.
incr — Increment a variable.
intro — Introspection command.
join — Join elements of a list to create a string.
lappend — Append an element to a list.
lindex — Return the Nth element of a list
list — Create a list
llen — List length.
lrange — Get range of elements from a list.
lset — Set list elements.
max — Returns the greater of two numbers
min — Returns the smaller of two numbers
ne — String "not equal".
not — Logical not
or — Logical or
proc — Create a new procedure.
puts — Print text.
rename — Rename a command
return — Returns a value from a procedure.
search — Find the first instance of something in a list.
set — Set a variable.
sort — Sorts list alphabetically.
split — Split a string into a list.
strbytelen — Return the length of the string, in bytes.
strcmp — Compare two strings, return 0 if equal.
strfind — Find one string in another.
strindex — Return the index'th character of string.
strlast — Get the last occurance of one string within another string
strlen — String length.
strlower — Lower case a string
strrange — Return a substring from a string
strrep — Repeat a string N times
strreplace — Replace string A in string B
strtrim — Remove whitespace or other characters from the beginning/end of a string
strupper — Upper case a string
system.hasproperty — Check for existence of system properties
system.getproperty — Get system properties
throw — Generates an exception that can be caught with catch
time — Time the execution of a script.
tnotify — Notify a token
true — Returns true.
twait — Wait on a token
unset — Unset a variable.
upeval — Evaluate script in next stack frame up.
while — While loop.

These commands are part of the Hecl core and are always present.